How to Remove Redirect Malware Virus

If your search queries are redirected to from your browser's address bar, you may have installed an unwanted browser extension or malware. 

What is

A browser hacker or malicious program can redirect your search queries from your browser's address bar to This browser redirect is caused by a browser extension or malware installed on your device.

  • Browser search requests are routed through
  • A malicious program or browser extension is installed on your computer


How to remove virus from browser ?

First, you should install Malware Bytes Software and scan your PC. 

After that, click on the "Quarantine" button to remove the malicious program from your computer.

How to Avoid (Browser Hijack Virus)

Install an ad blocker like AdGuard to remove malware type ads from the websites you visit. 

Chrome Adguard Browser Extension

Firefox Adguard Browser Extension

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